Floral Design Services

Beautiful Floral Design

We specialize in floral artistry for all events.  Our pricing is tailored to each client’s desired floral vision. Every bouquet, arrangement and centerpiece can range in price depending upon size, design and stem choice. If you are interested in our floral design services, please fill out our “Contact Us” page to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual needs.  We are happy to create packages inclusive of rentals and design & styling services together with floral design.  

General Pricing

Full Wedding: $3000 – $7000
With the average cost approximately $4500

Full Event: $1700 – $3500  
With the average cost approximately $2400

Bundle & Save

We are happy to create a complete package to include rentals, floral, styling & design services.  Take the pressure off and let us bring your complete vision to life.  We have partnered with Blissfully Borrowed to ensure all of your rental and event needs are met.