Small Accent Decor

So many accessories to make your look complete

Vintage Books - $5-$10

Vintage book bundles add the perfect vintage touch to any event.  

Apothecary Jars - $10-$35

Add these classic jars to your dessert display to complete the look!  Rent individual jars or a complete set.

Lanterns - $5-$25

Light up the night with various lanterns.  View our photo gallery / rental inventory page to see the variety of styles and colors.  

Various Vintage Bottles - $3-$12

Vintage jars in various sizes and colors add that rustic feel to your event.  

Various Vintage Vases - $5-$30

Various vintage vases and containers in so many colors and styles!

Vintage Wood Crates - $5-$18

Various sizes and styles of vintage wood crates.  Fill them with florals or just stack them for a rustic / vintage look. 

Galvanized Tubs - $10-$15

Grab a coke and a smile from our vintage galvanized tubs.  A rustic way to serve beverages, no matter the occasion!

Candle Sticks - $7-$15

Candlesticks, candlesticks, candlesticks!  Vintage, rustic, farmhouse and more in so many styles and colors. 

Small Tabletop Mannequins - $10 each

Vintage tabletop mannequins add that vintage touch to any event. 

Round & Oval Tubs - $4 each

These come in white, mint and pink and can be used for florals, desserts and more!

Vintage Chairs - $12 each

Be seated in style in our various vintage accent chairs. 

Ladders - Big & Small - $12-$25

Various ladders in small and large to for shelving to a simple vintage display.